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Moving along....quickly.

So I know it's been a while since I have posted, and I am ashamed to say that it is because work has been so crazy. Something I've been reflecting on lately is how in the world I've gotten to the point that I have work-wise when the entire reason I went out on my own was that I could have a "normal" schedule (whatever that is--but I mean that I can sleep at least a few hours a night, spend time with my baby and husband, and eat at least once a day). But I digress. The more time has gone on the more wonderful Kennedy has become, she is so happy and vocal it makes our hearts explode every day.

Unfortunately, with all of the work, I still have not been able to find a nanny. This means Kennedy comes with me to work sometimes. We go out in public quite a bit more over all. It now gets to the point where I have to explain why her eyes are the way they are at least twice a day, on one occasion it was 6 times in a day...and I almost lost it. I'm not sure why people think it's ok to point out differences in a baby's eyes--namely, to call them "crossed". If I saw a baby missing an arm I'm sure the same people would give way more pause to saying any case, I'm getting used to it.

This is rambling...I logged on to post an article that I just read that is, to me, very sad. I only post it because I too feel the loneliness, but not because I'm being shut out, but because people just don't understand and don't seem to try. They avoid the issue and some friends and family members do the exact thing the author talks about with pretending it's not happening. And that's the worst. Anywho, good article over all for those who want to step into the shoes of a special needs parent:

To close, my daughter is the most beautiful being in the world. And she is perfect. The. End.

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