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If the doctor ever asks if she can sit down...

Need to finish this one--written 2 days after we got her diagnosis of ONH and I realized it was SOD/De Morsier [dark, dark time :(]

Know that God loves you. He only gives you what you can handle, and know that He is there when the doctor gives you whatever news it is that she needs to give you.

I can remember clearly Dr. Roy looking around for a chair, even gravitating toward sitting on the "bed" that Greg and I had been "sleeping" on only about ten minutes before she came in. We had been up all night with Kennedy, and only in the morning time after shift change did we ever get relief--there were so many nurses, staff and doctors coming in and out to take blood or readings that we finally both could collapse into the little shelf in the corner with a mattress pad that was to be our place of non-slumber for the next six days.

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